Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rumor: iPhone 4 with New Antenna Coming Soon

Is Apple readying an updated iPhone 4 with a new antenna, one without the much-publicized signal attenuation problemof the current model? A recent report by Mexican tech news site Canal MX, first uncovered (well, in English) byMacRumors, suggests a hardware fix for the iPhone 4's well-known shortcoming could arrive by the end of September.
In the August 25 report, Marco Quatorze, Director of Value Added Services for Mexican wireless carrier Telcel, discusses the iPhone 4 antenna issue. As of September 30, he says, iPhone 4 handsets sold by Telcel will not suffer from the antenna-related reception glitch. However, the Canal MX report doesn't specify how Apple might fix the problem.
Telcel customers who buy an iPhone 4 before September 30 will get the original model. As a result, they'll also need a protective case or bumper to minimize the problem of dropped calls and poor signal strength. When a user touches a spot on the iPhone 4's lower left side--the so-called "death grip"--the cell signal degrades dramatically.
So is a new and improved iPhone 4 on the way? It's unclear. Apple has said it's working on the problem, and a September fix would certainly be a speedy resolution. Then again, it's entirely possible that the true meaning of Quatorze's comments were simply lost in translation. When Apple CEO Steve Jobs addressed the antenna glitch in July, he announced that customers who buy an iPhone 4 by Sept. 30 could get a free case or bumper from Apple.
Was Quatorze referring to Apple's deadline? Or did he spill the beans on a new and improved iPhone 4? We'll know more in a month-or perhaps sooner.


Slang Machine – iPhone App guaranteed to make you laugh!

Slang Machine is a sound generator that enables you to playback over 30 slang words and phrases from the past 30 years to make you the center of any party or function! Playback words and phrases with 1 of the 4 built-in characters!

Go super high pitched with the “Eyeballin’ Alien” voice or super low with the “Slangin’ Sasquatch”! ‘Keep it real’ with the “Slang Dude” or fake someone out with the robotic sounding “Mr. Roboto”!
It’s up to you!

Choose from over 30 phrases such as:

Giddy up!
Who’s Your Daddy!?
I’d buy that for a dollar!
Straight Pimpin’!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Angry Birds 1.4.1 and Angry Birds HD 1.4.1 hit App Store

Angry Birds for iPhone and its big brother, Angry Birds HD for iPad, have been updated to make it even birdier and, I fear, angrier. New features in version 1.4.1 consist of:
  • 15 levels have been reconstructed
  • A new golden egg has been added
  • Fresh new achievements are included
  • And, um… fantastic feathered fun is plentiful
The iPad version hit a couple of days ago. The iPhone version is just hitting now. If you try out either update, let us know what you think.

Iphone Vs Android | How AT&T’s IPhone Exclusivity Ends

UPDATE: Be sure to participate in the comments as we’ve got some interesting discussion going about iPhone vs. Android. Does the openness of Android mean it’s better? I argue it doesn’t. What do you think?
If John Gruber is right , the iPod Touch will be upgraded in a matter of weeks with two cameras and the iPhone 4′s “retina” display.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and call this effectively the end of AT&T exclusivity.
An iPod Touch equipped with a front-facing camera is no longer an iPod Touch. It’s a device for making calls. Video calls.

And with an app like Skype which uses the long-awaited multitasking functionality on iPhone to make and receive voice calls – it’s also a fully functional phone. Apple could even build Internet-based voice call functionality directly into iOS for this very purpose.

Goodbye house phones.

Plus you don’t have as many reasons to let Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint tie you into expensive two-year contracts because you’ll be able to make free voice or video calls when on wifi, shoot and edit video as well as take impressive 5 megapixel photos.

It’ll do everything an iPhone can. Except that it’s an iPod.

And guess what – I bet if you touch the next iPod Touch in the lower left hand corner the signal won’t drop.
All this is conjecture of course.

As a soon-to-be-father the idea that my family will be just a few taps from seeing my baby live on their iPods this Christmas is just too much fun not to think about.
Mark my words, if Gruber is right about the iPod, 2010 is the year the world moves into the future. The way we interact with computers is changing thanks to Apple. And, in all fairness, I suspect Microsoft’s upcoming Kinect could be equally revolutionary. Both are simplifying the way we tell computers what we want them to do. The never-ending headaches we encountered interacting with computers from the 1980s to 2000s will be forgotten.  With the iPod

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Top fourteen bargain iPhone and iPad apps

Here are 14 bargain iPhone and iPad apps that will surely add some fun to your devices!
Scrabble – word game addicts, get this before the price goes up! It’s Hasbro’s classic word game right on your iPhone. Play against the computer, your friend next to you, or even your Facebook friends. Add up points and aim to get the triple letters and triple words all across the board. The person with the most points at the end wins! But hurry, this sale won’t last long! You can play the free version as a Facebook app. iPhone Version (99 cents)
Where’s Waldo – This app brings me back to my childhood when Where’s Waldo books were all the craze. The iPhone version is just as much fun! Search for Waldo and his friends in various scenes. You’ll find them in the funniest places!
iPhone Version (99 cents) | iPad Version ($2.99)
Diner Dash: Grilling Green is the first time management game made specifically for the iPad. If you enjoy the Diner Dash series, this one is a must-have. Many new features have been added for the new multi-touch options. Not only are we waiting tables, you have to keep the customers happy and also help grandma with the cooking. Talk about multi-tasking! The game is normally $4.99, but is on sale for a limited time for $2.99. iPad Version ($2.99)
Hexalex – Another word game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This board is a bit different though. Instead or square pieces, you’re putting pieces down on a hexagon board. Words can go down, sideways, or even diagonally. Play against the computer, or up to four people. iPhone Version ($1.99)
Jojo’s Fashion Show 2 – This one is for the fashion addicts! Create various outfits for your models and send them out on the runway. Be sure to dress them up in the style asked by the judges. Do it quickly to progress to the next round! Full game is free for a limited time.
iPhone Version (Free) | iPhone Lite Version (Free)
Fotopedia Heritage – Travel around the world and back in this wonderful little app. It’s an amazingly beautiful way to navigate, explore, and discover the 890 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Swipe to see a new photo from around the world. Tap on the ‘i’ icon to read more about the location. It really is like a Wikipedia with photos! It’s also universal and absolutely free!Universal Version (Free)
Pinball HD – If you’re an avid pinball fan, this is a must-have! The game features 3 pinball tables — Wild West, The Deep. and Jungle Style. Each table has its unique gameplay. Plays in both landscape or portrait mode. The graphics on the iPad version could be more clearer, but it’s definitely worth the sale price for this week! Normally $2.99, both the iPhone and iPad versions are 99 cents. iPad Version (99 cents) | iPhone 4 Version (99 cents)
Color Stream – If you’re a designer, you may be interested in this app. It’s a nifty color palette tool. You can take photos in the app and it’ll pick out 5 colors from the photo for you and give its hex numbers. Very simple to use and no need to pull out Photoshop to take a screenshot. This app was $2.99, but is currently on sale for free! I also linked a lite version in case the price goes up when you read this article. iPhone Version (Free) | iPhone Lite Version (Free)
The Crystals of Atlantis Deluxe – It’s similar to other match-3 games that you played before. Goal is to make crystal matches so your historical artifact pieces fall down to the lower level. Special power-ups are given for matches of 4 or more. Gorgeous graphics; a definite must-download! iPhone/iPod Touch Version (99 cents)
Paperless Lite: Lists + Checklists – here’s a beautiful way of keeping lists and checking them off. Add a cute little icon for each type of list. Very simple and. Straight-forward. Free version allows up to 15 items in a list, paid version allows more. Try it out for free!
iPhone Lite Version (Free) | iPhone Version ($1.99)
Price is Right – Never been a contestant on Price is Right? But now you can with this app! See how well your know your prices and play various games to get to the showcase showdown! New in this version is customization of your player’s avatar. It was $4.99 but is currently on sale for 99 cents! iPhone Version (99 cents)
Pocket Creatures – Here’s a virtual pet you can carry around with your on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or even iPad! Teach, play, and explore the world with your new virtual pet. Normally $2.99, now on sale for 99 cents.
Universal Version (99 cents)
Zombie Infection – Action-adventure game where you fight your way through hordes zombies. Amazingly realistic graphics that’s a must for zombie lovers. Be aware of realistic violence. Game is available on both iPhone and iPad platforms. Normally $6.99, this is a sale too hot to miss! iPad Version (99 cents) | iPhone Version (99 cents) | iPhone Lite Version (Free)
Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition – Your favorite monkeys are on the loose again! Keep your monkeys rolling in orbs as you collect bananas and race to the finish line. Mini-games include Monkey Base, Monkey Target, Monkey Golf, and Monkey Bowling. Have an endless fun time with this accelerometer game! This iPad game was $14.99 but is now on sale for $3.99.iPad Version ($3.99) | iPhone Version ($2.99)

Gameloft’s Zombie Infection On Sale For $0.99

I remember debating on whether to buy Gameloft’s Zombie Infection when it was first released back in May. I’m very glad that I decided not to because today the game went on sale for only $0.99, and this bargain is not going to last!
In the game, you find yourself in a zombie infestation city in which you play through 12 campaign levels to kill the bloodthirsty zombies. To be honest, I wasn’t reproachful when it came out because of the price – nope, I was pretty scared by the faces on the zombies after I saw the video embedded below!

So, make your move now. I did, and am loving it. You will too!

[via Iphone Alley]

Intel to Acquire iPhone Supplier Infineon's Wireless Chip Unit

Intel today confirmed long-standing rumors by announcing that it will acquire the Wireless Solutions (WLS) unit of German firm Infineon for $1.4 billion. The move gives Intel a significant expansion into the market for smartphone chips as it continues to try to build interest in its own Atom platform for mobile and netbook devices.
Through this effort, Intel will pair WLS' best-in-class cellular technology with its core strengths to enable the delivery of low-power, Intel-based platforms that combine its applications processor with an expanded portfolio of wireless options -- bringing together Intel's leadership in Wi-Fi and WiMAX with WLS' leadership in 2G and 3G, and a combined path to accelerate 4G LTE.
The acquisition is notable for Apple, as the company has long eschewed Intel's offerings for its mobile devices in favor of ARM-based technology. Infineon's wireless unit has, however, supplied the baseband controller for supporting cellular connectivity in every generation of the iPhone.

While Intel and Apple have been key partners on the Mac platform since Apple began moving away from the PowerPC platform with the release of the Mac Pro in 2006, the two companies have not seen fit to work together on the mobile side of things. Intel has in the past been critical of the iPhone's use of ARM-based processor technology, claiming that any device seeking to access the "full Internet" needs to be based on Intel's technology.

[via mac rumors]

Soon, You’ll Be Able to Play “Starcraft 2″ from Your iPhone or iPad

Playing popular strategy game Starcraft 2 using an iPhone or even an iPad sounds like a usability nightmare, but developer Daniel Hellerman is planning to make it happen regardless of the potential issues.
Hellerman is working on an iOS application called the Starcraft 2 Gameboard that will let you fully control Starcraft 2 from youriPhone or iPad, complete with “mini-map control, detailed unit statistics, and easy touch access to the game’s most important hotkeys and macros,” he claims.
Blizzard, the company that develops the popular Starcraft game franchise, is known for promptly shutting down third-party projects related to its games that don’t follow its terms of service to the letter. The future of the Starcraft 2 Gameboard therefore seems uncertain.
However, the FAQ section of the application’s website claims that the system “does not modify essentialStarcraft 2 functions” and that the device works “almost as another keyboard, therefore it is completely compatible with Starcraft 2.” Furthermore, the site claims the application is “not a hack” and “does not modify any game files whatsoever.”
The app should become available in September. What do you think: Will it be possible to play Starcraft 2 from your iPhone or iPad? Could such an application be useful or is it just a gimmick?
[via Kotaku]