Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Apple's iOS 4.1 ships for iPhone next week, will add HDR photos

Apple announced Wednesday that iOS 4.1 will add a new feature, allowing users to take high dynamic range photographs that produce stunning pictures, and will ship next week for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs showed off the HDR photo capability at Wednesday's keynote in San Francisco, Calif.

He revealed that the new feature will take three rapid photos -- one regular, one underexposed and one overexposed. When the pictures are combined, it creates an HDR photo.

"It's pretty amazing," Jobs said. When taking an HDR photo, both it and the normal photograph will show up in the user's Photos application, so they can compare the two and choose which one they prefer.

Also Wednesday, Apple highlighted GameCenter, showing how easy the application will make it for users to join a friend's game. One title running Epic Games' latest Unreal Engine was demonstrated -- Project Sword -- with a fully interactive 3D environment.

"That's on a phone," Jobs quipped after the title was shown off. "That's pretty remarkable.

The update will also address Bluetooth and proximity sensor issues that currently exist with the iPhone 4.

"All the bugs that we get mails on," Jobs said. "We think we've nailed a lot of them, and we think you're going to be pretty happy with it."

[via Apple Insider]


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    HDR are more then welcome!

  3. Still won't be a patch on a proper digital camera but should be good for anyone who wants the all-in-one package of phone/camera/music player.

  4. i love my iPhone, i have the 3G, still best thing I own I think!

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